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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mixed Bag

Well, so far today has gone up and down.  Got up and after LL went to work, and while getting ready for my meeting, Max comes in saying he feels really sick.  So after making sure Bailey would be around a while this morning.  I leave Max and go to the meeting.

The meeting for Kathy had good results.  The team is right on track to getting Kathy's plan in place by the new funding deadline.  That is if things go perfectly.  But right now I am choosing to be optimistic.  Another meeting is planned for July 1st.  After the meeting, I went and picked up a prescription for LL, ran into Fred Meyers just long enough to get gluten free soy sauce that is not available in my home town, and away back home I went.

Got home just as O.  Max's staff arrived.  Darn it, she was early for once and was hoping if Max was still feeling really bad, I could call to cancel her working today.  So I go in and find, yes indeed he really has some stomach bug and I don't want O. to get it, so I send her home.  Bring Max to my house so I can keep a better eye on him.  I feel so bad for him.  When he gets sick...........He really gets sick:(

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