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Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 23, 2011

LL and I had such a fun relaxing weekend with Steve and Kris.  We went for a long walk along the river, we visited at the pool and enjoyed the hot tub.  We had a lovely dinner and listened to good music.  And then took our time coming home.  Stopping often to let me enjoy the views and snap some pictures.  By the time I got home, I knew I was glutenized.  Note sure if it was the bite of crouton that went in my mouth the night before or a gluten free breakfast that had cross contamination.  But by early afternoon, by the time I got home, the rest of the day I had accidents and pain.  Not pretty.  But I feel so much better this morning.

Today, Monday-I have already got my walk in, been to the store for dog food, cleaned the kitchen and made a yummy dinner in the crock pot for dinner.  I need to do a few things outside but am working inside the house for the most part today.

Tuesday-I have a meeting for my sister Kathy first thing in the morning.  Then I will run some errands for LL and I.  Just going to make sure I don't eat breakfast and wait till I get home for lunch.


Thursday-Again no breakfast because I have an appointment with my Oncologist mid morning.  I am always nervous going to either of my cancer doctors, and I have to see both of them this month.  Still if everything is OK, it will be a big milestone in the remission timeline:)


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Cottage Tails said...

Sounds a busy week - will be thinking of you for Thursday ((HUGS))
Love Leanne