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Thursday, June 9, 2011

St. Mary's Steeple

Great news!  No cancer detected.  Still in remission, and well over the halfway mark to 3 yrs.  5yrs is the mark of being considered cured, but with my type of cancer, all the doctors say it almost never returns after 3 years.  My 2 year anniversary will be in October.  Hip Hip Hurrah!!

Made it to Mt. Angel in time for the removal of the steeple.  Here is a picture I took yesterday.

This is today with the crane getting ready.  There were a lot of town people and some from far away to watch this.

Just after I took this next shot, my dear brother David walked up to me and now I knew why my mother was mortified.  He has been working on his pool deck and didn't bother to change his shirt.

Can't even imagine this shirt surviving going through the wash.  Maybe he never washes it.

Without hardly noticing, the steeple was moved slightly and stayed in this position for 15 minutes or so.

And then it started lifting up.


And up

And up!

Looks a little naked, doesn't it?

Then came setting it down, ever so carefully onto the platform

This church is very special.  None like it around our area.  My mom and dad were married here.  I was baptised here, first communion, confirmation, and I was married here.  My children were baptised here.  My very beloved Dad's funeral was here. 

This church is special for anyone who has been blessed to be in it.  It's very special to me.


Cottage Tails said...

Whoop whoop (((HUGS)) re dr visit.

Your brother really needs to donate that shirt to the rag bin - giggle.

Glad you made it in time to see the church steeple - I enjoyed the photos you got.

Love Leanne

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. thank you for sharing . wish I'd of known about it sooner.

Cate said...

Oh I am soooo thrilled for your doc report!!!

Loved the steeple pics too, and yep, your bro definitely needs a new shirt lol :-)