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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Smarter Than The Average Bear!

I am thinking, either Beau is not as bright as I would like to think, or Rufus is much smarter than I thought.  I prefer to think that Beau is a gentleman and has good manners.  Rufus on the other hand is a evil genius.

I feed the boys with two different bowls, Beau has a small ceramic and Rufus, a large plastic.  Beau will only eat out of his small bowl.  I carefully measure out his, because we are working on his weight.  I then fill up Rufus's much larger bowl. 

But every day lately, Rufus runs to Beau's bowl, lays down, puts his paws around the bowl so Beau can't get to it, then eats all of Beau's food and then goes to his own bowl.  Beau always looks up at me like "What Happened?" 

I need to either coach Beau to eat out of Rufus's bowl or I am going to have to start feeding them separately.

Yes, I think Rufus is smarter than he looks:)

1 comment:

Cate said...

That is hilarious! Our cats have their funny little idiosyncrasies too.