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Friday, June 10, 2011

Mine Field with Wrong Map

I am finding that being new to living Gluten Free is like walking through a mine field.  First the field needs to be cleared.  I have a separate cupboard that contains the bulk of my GF foods.  I try to keep my kitchen crumb free.  I use pans that are residue free and usually will give the clean pan a quick wash before using, just to make sure.  But sometimes questionable foods come into the house.  And that is when a good Map is needed.  Lately, when something prepackaged comes in, if I don't see an ingredient with gluten, I will still get on the computer and research the product.  Because some products that should be gluten free are not, they may be manufactured in a plant that has products with gluten. i.e. most oatmeal.  Also, I have been getting into the habit when dining out, talking to the cook, just to make sure what I am ordering is GF.

So a person would think I would be doing great living Gluten Free.  Well..........Not so much:(  I have been glutened twice this week.  The first time is my own darn fault.  Last weekend, LL and I stopped at Marion Forks for breakfast.  My breakfast was gluten free, but some restaurants, because of the type of food and prep. just are not able to serve a safe meal.  Because of grills, mixes, and small kitchens, I find it is unrealistic to expect even with their best effort, a GF meal.  I need to resist going to many yummy restaurants for this reason.

Last night, I was just starting to feel recovered from the weekend glutened episode.  I made a fast, safe dinner for myself.  Later, I wanted something sweet.  Bailey had bought frozen fruit bars made mostly of fruit.  Looked on the ingredients.  Nothing had gluten in it.  But it did not say gluten free.  I got on the web site and looked up the bars.  It showed that underneath the ingredients on the box, the words "Gluten Free".  So I just assumed I missed seeing it on our box and didn't recheck.  I ate a raspberry bar.  Oh my gosh.  About 45 minutes later, I knew I had been glutened.  A very bad episode that lasted till after 2:00 this morning.  I finally ended up taking a pain pill, sat upright in bed and eventually fell asleep. 

So here I am this morning feeling like sludge.  I woke up an hour later than usual, but am still in my pj's trying to get myself moving.  I did recheck the box in the freezer.  No where on our box does it say Gluten Free.  When am I going to learn.

So today, if I feel up to it, I am going to the store to buy some food to make meals and snacks that actually say Gluten Free on the package.  Anything less strict is just too risky of me.  Unfortunately, it will take days to get things back on track for my body.

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