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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 24, 2011

We had a good weekend.  Saturday, we went around our place, inside and out, collected things for a load to the dump.  LL and Kane took it.  I stayed home and cleaned the garage a bit, made GF brownies and trimmed and debudded some rhodies. 

Sunday, Bailey and I ran to Salem to buy some clothes since I have put on too much weight for a lot of my wardrobe:(  I found a dress and a couple tops at Target and Ross.  I have been resisting spending money frivolously lately, but I couldn't resist buying a bento (tiffin) at target and then a small tiffin at World Market.  Photos of my prized tiffins will follow sometime this week.  Max had another stomach issue.  Don't know if it is another bug.  But I am thinking I need to look into gluten issues.  Gluten intolerance is very common with people with Autism and can be genetic.  So, he may be a lot like me:(

Then we went to our friends Michele and Chuck's home for a graduation party for their son Devin.  I have known Devin since he was four.  He was the sweetest boy and has grown up to be a fine young man that his parents are proud of.  I am too.

Chuck, Devin and Michele

 So for the rest of the week, well, I am going to be flexible and be available for my brother David who is having surgery.  But this is what I know for sure.

Monday-Going to Silverton Hospital which is just around the block from my house, to be there before David goes into surgery.  I will probably go back and forth to Max and the hospital through out the day.

Tuesday-IF and I do mean IF the doctors release David, I will take him home and spend the day with him.

Wednesday-If David still needs help, I will be at his house.

Thursday-I will get things ready to go to Campsite if the weekend looks good.  Need to cook GF food ahead of time

Friday-If the weather looks good, I will finish packing and go to the campsite. (I hope, I hope).

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