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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bowling Queen

Lovely,......Like I said before, I do not have my camera, but took my scooter around the neighborhood, to Safeway and picked up some on sale pork chops,(unfortunately Kane is not coming over but I will make them all anyway) and then to the bowling alley to watch my mom bowl.  She has not bowl much since April, because of David's health, my health, Kris health, vacation trips, etc..  She did really good.  We, Bailey and I saw her get many strikes and keep up with many who are much younger than her.  Bailey, who adores her Grandma said, "Oh she is just too cute".  I must agree and although she is a bit tired, it is nice to see her doing what she loves and feeling good doing it!

I, myself am not a bowling queen, I am a scooter queen.  Although I have not scooter lately because either the weather or "digestion does not, I am a happy girl.

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angela said...

yeah go mum! Im glad you all had a great day together.