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Friday, July 29, 2011

John McCoy

I have not talked much on this blog about my nephew Johnny.  Johnny is not only my nephew but also my Godson.  He has been in the military for a few years now and has done two tours in Iraq.  He also has a purple heart he received after a serious injury after being hit by an I.E.D. 

Nicole and Johnny

I have not talked much about Johnny's service because although I am very proud of him and all our soldiers, I hate these two wars, did not like them from the start and am disappointed in our current President for continuing our presence in Afghanistan.  But the soldiers go where they are told and they need every ones support and prayers.

Yesterday, Johnny made his way to yet again a third tour.  He is now in Afghanistan.  I am very proud of him, very nervous for him and will be praying every morning before I start my day for his safety.  Will you please put him on your prayer list if you are so inclined and at the least, send positive wishes and good thoughts for him.  His wife and daughter Alex will be waiting for him in Germany and his other daughter Lilly will be waiting for him here in Oregon.  All our men and women serving needs our prayers. 

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angela said...

Hate the wars, but be very grateful for the men and women who fight them.
I pray he stays safe and that all our fighting troups come home very soon.