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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pool Day...finally

I'm not going to lie, my week has been not what I had hoped.  To say I was dictated by my bowels would be an understatement.  I did take my scooter out a couple times, but beyond that, my hermit status is secure.  I really have not been able to take baby, my camera out like I would like to, but low and behold, a camera shot literally came to my front yard.

I love the herd of deer that have the run of our neighborhood.  (well not when they eat my tulips).  We all talk about the family of deer who go through my driveway, graze across the street and back to the creek, and then sleep at our neighbors house behind us.
This weekend, finally my "issues" have started to behave.  Saturday, LL and I tinkered around the yard, went to Lowe's in Salem, went for a very long scooter ride around Silverton and then rode to Mt. Angel and visited with Kris and Steve and then a quick stop at Mom's.  It was a nice way to spend the day.

Sunday, today we have done something we had not done this summer.  Because of spending time at our campsite, the weather, and family picnics, we haven't just spent time around the pool and hot tub.  Today, Kane came over, Bailey babysat this morning but was home by afternoon, Max was with us, and we just stayed home and enjoyed family time around the pool.  Well I did make a quick trip to Mom's because Aunt Leone left tons of produce.  SCORED!!  Fresh green beans, beets, cucumbers, zucchini, and marion berries which I think came from Uncle Leo.  Anyway, I digress.  So Kane prepared to jump in.

LL got in after that.  Isn't the water beautiful?

Of course, Miller men do what Miller men always do.....

Start wrestling.

And then they decided to make up and bond in the hot tub.  Which I ended up joining them.

But pretty much I did what Bailey did.

Sat by and just watched with total relaxation.

After all that.  I ran to the store to pick up steaks to barbecue and when I got back, Kris and Steve was over for a visit.  Tried to talk them into staying for dinner but they had already ate.  After they left, I grilled steak, and we had bake potatoes to go with it.  I have not ate because frankly I am a little scared of spending the rest of the night having "issues".  So I think I will wrap my steak up and eat it tomorrow for lunch.  Seriously hate my digestion, but sure love summer weekends.

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