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Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 31, 2011

Happy August!!

I love August.  In Oregon, although you might get a day or two of rain, August IS our summer.  This week is going to be nice.  No Doctor appointments.  Nothing pressing for LL.  What is in the plan?

Monday, Today Bailey and I went to Salem.  LL saw an add on Craig's list from a woman who has no insurance and is in great need of ostomy products.  One pouch which cost pennies to make, cost depending on the type you need, 10 to 20 dollars a piece.  Most people need to use 3 to 4 a week plus paste, powder, rings etc.  Because I had such great insurance, it was not financially a great burden on me.  When I had my reversal, I had about 20 pouches, 2 tubes of paste, two powders, and half a box of rings.  I estimate around $500.00 dollars of supplies.  I did not want to throw them away so I kept them around and waited for someone in need.  I am so glad I did.  I met the lady in Salem and she was so thankful for supplies to get her by for the next couple months.

After meeting her there, Bailey and I went to Costco for only the basics.  Toilet paper, my Depends, etc.  Then we went to the new Trader Joe's.  I was disappointed that most of the Trader Joe brand foods have gluten in it.  Even items that did not need it.  Like frozen prawns.  I did buy soap, frozen bars, and a bottle of wine.  But find I wont make a special trip there for items.  If I happen to be driving by and stop for something, well ok, but doing a special trip to Whole Foods who are so much more gluten free friendly is worth it.

Tuesday, my friends are coming over for coffee.

Wednesday, if my digestion behaves, Kris and I are planning on taking the scooters out for a long ride in the morning.

Thursday, I am planning on getting the weekend preparations done for the weekend.

Friday, LL starts a few days of vacation.  Homer Days are starting today, so LL and I will have fun looking at art and listening to music.  Normally I like the food there, but that was before being gluten free.

Saturday, go the Homer Days parade.  Spend the day listening to music and picnicking at the park.

Sunday, Miller's Crossing is the plan.  We will hopefully, (weather), camp from Sunday to Tuesday or Wednesday.  Looking forward to more than one or two days at Miller's Crossing:)

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