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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enema Girl

I wanna live with the enema girl
I could be happy
rest of my life
with the enema girl......

Just my fun play on Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl.  I know, I know!  You are thinking "is she really going to go there..........again".  Why Yes, Yes I am.

I have had such a bad 5 days.  Today is a beautiful day.  I want to go out on my scooter.  Go to the Oregon Gardens, go ride around.  Maybe even get a few things done around the house.  Because a sty is being kind when describing my home.  But when I have had a bad day or two in recent months, usually after a few hours I am done for a few days.  Right now this is like a slow drip.  Sorry for that visual:(  So I am considering "moving" things a long so that maybe, just maybe I will have a little freedom for the next day or two. 

I routinely have to be the enema girl for check ups and exams, but am thinking I may have to take an aggressive move to just get things going.  Not that I really want to, but I have lately had a glimpse of freedom and 5 days of "issues" is enough already.  Don't worry, I wont give you a moment by moment update.  But if I follow this post by pictures of landscape and the gardens, know the rest.

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