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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Really!   How do a two couple full time working family with a disabled son find the time to deal with bureaucracy. 

Some of the "business"  I had to deal with this morning is ssi-disability.  After going through the labyrinth of "press 1 for 2 for on and so on.  I finally get where I am wanting to be, only told I am the wrong place, "say yes to talk to a representative, say no to ??? garble garble....I say yes!  I fully don't know what I was saying yes to but I do know "NO"  was taking me into some abyss I was likely never to return from.  They didn't even give me the courtesy to listen to some mediocre Musac recording, I then spent the next what felt like a century telling me how ridiculous it is I am calling and should use their website to do things electronically and how in very veiled terms I was wasting their time. 

Finally a live voice comes on.  I am not going to lie to you, the next words had me thinking I must have hidden cameras on me.  "welcome to social security, my name is PEGGY how can I help you."  Peggy!  are you kidding me.  Anyone who watches any t.v. know the character on the commercial named Peggy.  HE is the man named Peggy from a different country who redirects you to some never never land and leaves you at some place where you end up hanging up.  But to HER credit, when she told me her name and I reflexively said, "Are you kidding me!  PEGGY"  she said "I know, I have been getting that a lot lately."  She did help me.  Told me I needed to write a letter, send it exactly to this person and oh by the way, get it in today. 

Well, writing the letter and getting the envelope addressed was not the problem.  The problem was that our mail carrier had already came and went, and because of days with "issues", I am walking like John Wayne with a rash, and needing to get into the pickup and go to the post office. 

As I was doing this I was thinking, OK, I am not blessed that I have dealt with my son having autism, my house burning, weeks after losing my dad and mother-in-law, my son being diagnosed with an additional very debilitating mental illness, having to give up my employment, then spending 2 years battling cancer which has left me with my own lifelong issues.  I get it.  Life has not been easy for me and my family.  But we are not totally unique and who said life was fair?

But for the life of me, I am now counting my blessings for the fact that I am a hermit, who although we have had recent financial struggles, I do have a husband that works hard and is able to support the both of us.  So that I can be here, home "wasting" some persons time to get answers that they fill is beneath them to need to respond to.  Well I do appreciate Peggy's time.  I just wish I had her direct number.

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angela said...

I know its just a job to them, but they should remember its someones life.
If they dont want to help, or cant be bothered then maybe they should find another job.
hugs to you