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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sleep....A Wonderful Thing

Something I did not mention about last weekend.  On Friday night, I was up throughout the night with "issues".  I know I did not get glutened and find no matter what my diet is, after a honeymoon stage, my digestion goes back to it's "crappy" normal ways.  So I was tired on Saturday but still functional.

Saturday night, again, up all night having accidents, cramps and "issues".  So Sunday, to say I was a bit rummy would be an understatement.  But still, we came home and then went to David's.  After drinking the Hurricane David made for me.  Well I thought, "Boy am I going to sleep well tonight".

Sunday night, Monday morning.  The phone rang around 2:00 am.  My brother David was having complications again from his surgery about 6 weeks ago.  So I drove to Mt. Angel and it became quickly evident that he was needing to go to the emergency room.  After a couple hours the doctor decided to admit David and later his surgeon decided to take him back in for surgery to take a look and do repairs.  After David got out of surgery, I started yet again having "issues" and went home.  I spent all afternoon having a very bad episode. 

Monday night, Well I slept, slept, and slept.  I think that was the most tired I have ever been and the best I ever slept.  Thank goodness.  Today I am suppose to have a couple friends over for coffee but I think I am going to cancel.  I have some business to take care of and I want to go to David's house to see if he needs help with anything.  Normally, I would have friends over for coffee and take care of the rest after, but I am back to being managed by my bowels and need to take care of business before my next digestive session.

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