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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Miller's Crossing Completed

We had the most relaxing weekend yet at our campsite.  LL and I arrived a bit before 5:00 pm Friday.  I forgot to post a picture of the walkway LL put in on our last trip.

It was very quiet and peaceful.  We had a visitor.  A coworker of LL's who has a campsite stopped by and visited for a couple hours and it was fun for me to get to know him.

In the morning, LL went to work on the wind mill.  He took it apart, sanded and painted it.

Then it was a matter of finding the right place for it.

We put a glider in a quiet place LL had cleared off.  It will also work as a third tent site if needed.

Then it was time to put up our sign.

Mid afternoon, Kane and Max arrived.  A little later, Karen, David, and Sally came to visit.  And then to our happy surprise, Katie, Kelli, Gaij and Sam came.  Kane and Kelli took the boys to the river to swim.  I love having people over to camp or visit.  So relaxing.

Well I guess the boys don't know how to relax.

We came home early afternoon so that LL could vacuum and work on the pool.  And soon we are off to my brother Davids for a swim and Hurricane drinks.  With the weather, Family and no agenda, this weekend is the best type of weekend ever:)

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