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Friday, July 22, 2011

Miller's Crossing

Bailey and I made a sign to post at our campsite.  Miller's Crossing is a film I saw years ago.  I decided to name our campsite Miller's Crossing because of our last name and our site is on Cross rd.

We decided we did not want to "civilize" our site too much.  Lots of campsites are decorated more than most people's home.  But we are adding a few elements this weekend.  Along with the sign, I want my glider bench there in a corner for a nice quiet nook to read. 

Years ago my dad gave LL and I his windmill.  It is in need of sanding and painting.  LL is always looking for something to tinker around with when we are camping, so he is taking it up and will beautify it.  Hopefully we will find a nice place for it.

Today, I need to get going to the grocery store to get a few things for the weekend.  I really need to get moving because I know I am going to have a long session dealing with my digestion later.  Then I need to quickly clean house, prepare a bit of food, pack up and be ready when LL gets home from work. 

I am looking forward to this weekend as the weather is suppose to be great, Kane and Max will be arriving tomorrow, and family might come up to visit.  Have a great weekend.

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angela said...

Yeah, I can access your blog on my laptop. I love your name. We live on cross road too. hummmm I wonder if we can call our place Papas crossing. hahahahaha