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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Todie Marie

God gives us so many blessing to enjoy here on earth.  Animals in so many ways are here for our survival and enjoyment.  Especially pets.  Some people are blessed with more than just a pet, but such an endearing spirit, they become part of your family.  Todie is that kind of dog.You might remember her from one of my previous posts  Humiliation

Todie has been a blessing not only to her immediate family, but she has been a a blessing to me, my mom, and countless others who have gotten to know her.  She has such a sweet spirit.  Gives hugs and never met a stranger.  With the tender care of my sister Kris's family, Todie has lived to be 16 years old, which for a doxie, that is quite old.  Todie has been struggling for the last year or two.  Battling different health issues, but she always seems to be a happy dog.

Monday, Kris called and said Todie wasn't doing very well and would I like to come a take pictures of her, as she was going to the vet and if she was in pain, they may need to make a difficult decision.  So I came over and she seemed to have picked up a bit.

I took pictures of her by herself and her with her favorite human, my niece Kelli.

Todie and Kelli grew up together.

Well at the vet hospital, the doctor thought she may have a brain tumor but wasn't sure and she did not seem in any pain.  He told them the signs to look for and that they would know when it was time.  Well Todie is always full of surprises and has rallied before, so they brought her home.

Well this morning, Kris called me and I went over to her house around 6:30 this morning.  We thought Todie was nearing her time, didn't want her to be scared or alone, so we kept an eye on her but thought it probably was for the best if she just slipped off to her final sleep.  But Todie had other thoughts and with much effort, got up to walk around and for a brief time, I think Kris and I had hopes.  But it became apparant to both of us that she was confused, and in pain.  Darn I was hoping this family would not have to make this decision.  So Kris called the animal hospital, made an appointment and luckily the family can all meet their and be with Todie as she drifts off and goes where God takes them. Hopefully to play with her best friend Roxy.  So I said my goodbyes and I will probably be crying the rest of the day.  As I am writing this, it is the appointment time.  I will hold off to post this till Kris has time to tell a couple people who needs to be informed.  A Sad day today.

Rest in Peace Todie Marie.  I love you

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