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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Days of Our Lives

Waking up this morning, I had hopes that the rain would stop.  I hoped the down pour that even was unusual for Oregon would just stop suddenly and the heavens would open up to show a beautiful sky like we have had every year in recent memory for the Purdy picnic.  But rain it kept a coming.  I got over to David's about 45 minutes before the picnic was to start.  What to do about Sammy?  Who is Sammy?

Well my brother who is the biggest fan of Days of Our Lives named his basset hound Sammy, after Sammy Brady, Horton, Black, Demera or some new name I am sure she has this week.

And like the Sammy of Days, Dave's Sammy wants to behave, she tries to behave, but any hound dog will tell you, you can not stop a nose.  A nose by any other name is still a freaking nose.

But I tried.  I decided I would be on Sammy patrol.  I just looked away for a moment.  But down came my casserole dish lid crashing and shattering on the floor.  Well Kris and I cleaned it up. 

Slowly, everyone arrived.  I took a picture or two of people gathered around.

This is my Great Nephew Gaij.  In his spiffy Mohawk.  He is the sweetest young man around.

And low and behold, the weather started cooperating.  Unfortunately, my digestion did not.  Luckily Karen's house is next door for me to hold out and hope things will improve. 

David's house is on the right, Karen's on the left.

Meanwhile, LL took over the camera a took a few more shots of family.

Sadly, things did not improve for me and shortly after LL took this shot of Kane, Me, and Katie, I was off to go home to  the comforts of my private hermitage.

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