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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I am sitting here, very HOT!  and I do not care.  Feels so good.  Normally, I like a very climate mild weather, but because the last two springs have been so rainy and cool, our brief summers lately are even more precious. 

This afternoon, I got the chicken coop cleaned out, made stir fry for dinner, and relaxed.  But every one's car seems to not be behaving.  Bailey came home from work with her car over heating.  Rett called and needed to be rescued because he ran out of gas, and while LL was getting a part for Bailey's car, O., Max's staff tried to leave and her car would not start.  (LL thinks her starter went out).  All within an hour.  CRAZY. 

Still I puttered around and took a few pictures in our backyard.  Our ever bearing raspberries are ripening, the bees are working on the flowers, the chickens are lounging in the heat, and all is well at the Miller home:)

1 comment:

Cottage Tails said...

I miss spring summer - we in middle of winter - thunder, lightening, hail, rain.......
I'll just drink up some of your photos.

Love leanne