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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pool Boy and the Jet Set Girl

Tinkering......That is the man's word for puttering, or flitting around doing work.  I am not a putterer or a flutter.  I am a woman who can ignore a job, and then get around to undertake it from start to finish.   My dear LL is a tinkerer.  Later in the summer, we will take a proper vacation and go somewhere.  But this week's vacation.  Besides celebrating our nations birth, LL wants to just tinker.  I must admit, he gets more done with his tinkering than I do with my all or nothing approach.

I got up as usual this morning, folded a couple loads of laundry, blogged, picked up, did dishes, and felt very smug in my accomplishments before LL got up and we had our coffee time.  I then put a load on the line.

Well then I felt done.  So that is when LL just gets started tinkering.  My pool boy worked on the cement around the pool.

What was I doing at the time????  Well this Jet Set girl or I should say Hot tub jet's soaking girl, sat and watched him at work.

  He then proceeded to work, and then work and pace himself, and a little more work, until the driveway is blown off, along with around the pool, debris gone and everything watered.  So here I am blogging at 11:00 and the whole day ahead for us to do what ever we want.......Lovely!

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