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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 27, 2011

Happy Belated Independence Day!  I took a week off from the computer.  Not just this blog.  No Facebook, No e-mail, etc.  No reason in particular.  Just didn't feel like spending time in front of my laptop.  But we went camping Friday and Max didn't take a break.  Even camping he likes writing on his laptop.

Rufus did well camping.  Must say his favorite part of camping is his walks, and he had be dragging behind him.  I guess he was walking me.

Mom, Karen, John, David, Kris, Steve, Rett, and my kids came up on Saturday.  We had dinner and then went and played bingo with several hundred other campers.  We did not win anything:(  But it was fun.

My Kids stayed overnight and we had a good time around the campfire.

The next morning, after breakfast, everyone but me went to the river and some even got in to swim.  When they got back, we packed up and got home late afternoon.

The next day was the 4th and we went to Kris's for breakfast, watched the parade in Mt. Angel and the swam and had a barbecue at Davids and Karen's houses.

Tuesday, LL is on vacation all this week.  So he took my mom to the casino while I had my friends over for coffee.

Today, Wednesday-Not sure what we might be up to today.  Last night we clipped the chickens wings cuz they keep getting out of our yard.  I noticed then how bad the nests are, so I will probably clean them and get rid of the weeds in the garden.

Thursday, LL and I might go up to our campsite overnight.

Friday, come back because Saturday is the Staab picnic at my brother David's house.  It has been years since we got together with this side of my family, so it will be fun seeing everyone.

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