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Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 28, 2011

Well, LL is back to work this week.  I enjoyed his company last week so much that I wasn't looking forward to getting back to my hermit existence this week.  But boring is not what I would call my morning so far.

Today, Monday-LL off to work, and I decided to get moving and catch up on cleaning kitchen and doing laundry.  As I was loading the wash, I look out the window, and there is Hannah, Henrietta and Harriet running around the driveway.  Sh!T. Dang, Son of a B!ct# !!!   I clipped there wings, the gates were closed, so they are getting out underneath the fence somewhere.  Well this isn't my first walk in the park, this is not my first rodeo.  I know scratch, bread or vegetables won't entice them to follow me into their small coop, so I brought out the big guns.  I opened the fridge and grabbed my gluten free, unprocessed, off the bone ham I had intended eating for my lunches this week.  6.99 a pound, I might add.  I also yelled to Bailey "The chickens are out, I need your help".  Well she was still in bed because she had friends over to swim last night, and for some reason I still think is nuts, they all went to Salem at 1:00 this morning to get something to eat.  Oh well, the price sleeping beauty has to pay is to get up and help this coop keeper wrangle these freedom seeking poultry.  So my neighbors have quite the sight seeing me with my ham, playing pied piper, and Bailey from behind them, in her robe, shewing them into the yard and then coop.  I called LL and told him, do not come home with out something to fix the fence. 

Well after that, I dropped Beau off at the groomers, Yes, photo's to follow, went to the bank and back to figure out where I was before the chicken detour.

Tuesday-I am having coffee with a friend.  Hope to spend the rest of the day with Mom.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday-No appointments, no sibling having tests or a hospital stay (I HOPE). 

This next weekend is the Purdy Picnic.  It is one Sunday and I am looking forward to it.

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