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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sick Call

I remember when I was working, hating getting the call from my kids school office saying one of them was sick and could you pick them up.  Got a little flashback this morning.  Vicky, the groomer, called and said she got done with Beau early but he was throwing up and had bad gas.  She thought maybe he ate something bad.  So I went to pick up my little baby and before I let him lay down to rest.  I still needed to take an after picture before he messed his hair up.

Everytime I take a before picture, he never smiles.  As I have said before, LL laughs because he says Beau take the best before and after pictures.

In the summer, I have Vicky cut Beau a little shorter so he stays a bit cleaner for camping.

1 comment:

Cottage Tails said...

oh boy sure does seem to know before & after poses. Hope he is all better
Love Leanne