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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Containing my love for Containers

I have a niece named Kara who has a passion for shoes. She has hundreds of pairs. My sisters and mother seem to enjoy shopping for clothes. When they want me to come along they have to bribe me with lunch. I don't like shopping. My husband thinks he is very lucky indeed. With the exception of one thing.....CONTAINERS!! I love them. I don't have very many of them, but before the fire I had hundreds.

Remember the scene in Pretty Woman where she goes shopping for anything she wants. Well if my husband gave me a lot of money and told me to go shopping........I would hit The Container Store and Crate and Barrel. Seriously! I better admit my one clothes obsession....Purses and Handbags, and when you think about it, it makes perfect since. After all, they are containers:-)

So my "intention" is to embrace this oddity of mine. Lately I have been on line looking up containers and have fell upon the coolest thing called Bentos! Bentos are a Japanese tradition of woman making beautiful lunches for their family. They pack them in Bento Boxes. OH MY GOODNESS. These boxes are like crack cocaine for me. I could look at these web sites that show boxes and sometimes lunches. Here's one. and here's another.

I don't work outside the home right now but because of my "digestion" I don't eat dinner at night but save it until lunch the next day. So I have a perfect excuse to make bento. Don't I? I mean DON'T I? I do also pack LL's lunch but I don't know what he would think if I got too cutesy with his lunch. I could see him having to take his lunch out to the car so no one would happen to see that his wife has a lot of time on her hands. Oh well, I probably will do it anyway.
Monday I found a perfect lunch plate container to pack my lunch. It is not a bento, I am finding that traditional bento boxes are very expensive, and I usually pack LL's in Glad and Ziplock throw away type containers so if it doesn't make it back home, I wont be mad at him.

So today was a big admission for me. "Hello, my name is Konnie and I am addicted to containers" Now you have to say "Hello Konnie"

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