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Living with intention

When stumbling through life isn't good enough anymore..... decide to be yourself and enjoy life, and pay attention to Gods gifts all around.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Intend To Post My Wednesday

Wow, I have been through the ringer the last few days when it comes to my "digestion". Although it has been fine in the mornings, by early afternoon and through the evenings I have been housebound. Wanted to go to my mom's house the last two evenings but have had to cancel. Weighed myself and I guess the weight gain was my imagination. But I still am not eating right and am determined to get it right soon.

On Monday, one of the blogger I follow said she was posting an average Monday and invited others to do the same. So today I will try to keep track of my day and hopefully post a few pictures with it. Well at least that's my "intention".

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