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Friday, May 7, 2010

Doin the Chicken Dance

Our day started early. We picked up a borrowed pick-up. Loaded it up and took it to the dump and recycling center. Stopped at Lowes for some things, and then picked up my camera. Got home, LL ate an early lunch, then had a brilliant plan. "Let's put the added chicken pen by the pool area". he says. I say, "That's a great idea! You are the smartest, most wonderfully creative husband on the face of the earth." What I really said was "lets try it" So...........................

What to do............What to do.....................

"Let's use light weight materials so we can move it"

"And we need a doggie door for them to come into the other yard. Um, I mean chicken door."

"Get the scratch out and coax them to come out the chicken door."

"Look! There doin the chicken dance."
I of course, stayed out of his way and planted petunias, impatience, and..............
Lettuce for the balcony
Herbs for the balcony, cilantro, dill and basil so far.
Just need to add my pots of cherry tomatoes and LL's salad will be waiting for me to pick right outside the french doors:)
Rufus and Beau sure were curious and took the time to checkout my handy work.
LL got done in time to take Max to the local theater to see Iron Man 2. The matinee started at 4:00.
I on the other hand am sitting and fretting. Didn't eat for most the day because I may have another obstruction:( If I don't post for a few days, you will know what happened. Have a great weekend.

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