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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Konnie Miller


You have been chosen for an important assignment.

Me? Really? Oh I feel so I blushing?

Your assignment is, should you choose to except it, is to clean the very neglected yard, landscape, property of the Miller's household in time for a graduation party for one Bailey Miller. This assignment must be completed before June 13.

Choose? I get a choice? OK, not on your life. I do not choose to do this.

Well No you really have no choice. You will take this assignment.

What does it entail?

Open up the envelope in front of you.

Envelope? What envelope?

I mean scroll down this screen and I will walk you through it.

This area below is the pool area. Notice the planters on the wall. Plant petunias in them.

The next area is where the food normally goes for picnics and barbecues. This area needs to be picked up. Furniture washed and area swept.

The lower area needs to be picked up and swept and planters put in.

The pool needs to be drained, scrubbed and painted.
Now wait just a minute, I am not up to that task.
No you never have. Your sainted husband will do this. Plus more then his fair share.
Well that's true.

The side needs to be picked up swept and the outside windows washed.

The barbecue area needs to be picked up, swept and window washed.

Is that it?
No, you still have many other flower beds to clean and plant. Plus the garden to put in.

And don't forget to clean the garage and keep up with the household chores.
You have got to be kidding? I am expected to get this all done, with my physical problems from treatment and surgeries?
Well no. Your dear sainted hubby will help and you can ask your children to do their part.
Really? I can ask for their help?
Well you better tell them.
Then they will help?
Um, no, you better force with blackmail.
Oh. I'm a mom! I can do that!
Now that you have this assignment, in 30 seconds this tape will self destruct.
Tape? What are we, in the 20Th century again?
OK, This post, sent from the cosmos known as the Internet will ???? Oh just get on with it!

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