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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Weekend To Work And Whistle

Saturday was a day to get Mom, meaning me ahead on the "Mission Impossible" task of having our place in shape by my daughter's graduation. I am pretty good at planting, and maintaining our place, but when this much cleanup has to take place, before I can even start getting the garden and beds planted, well, I enlisted help.

B. getting walk through a little more presentable.

Much better.

I am sweeping around pool area. Don't want to waste too much time with this task because hubby will be draining, scrubbing, and painting the pool. So it all will be messed up again anyway.

B. and her boyfriend did one of the most daunting tasks of cleaning the food corner. I didn't take after pictures of most of these because they will improve even more. But they did a great job!

LL went to get gravel and spread it in different places, like where we keep the outside garbage cans, my walkway to the chicken coop,(now I won't get as muddy), and the side of the greenhouse where the lawn mower and compost bins sit.

This is my compost bins area. This is where food scraps and other small amounts of stuff are composted. Notice the gravel, much nicer to walk there. We have a bigger compost pile on the other side of hedge for the big yard and lawn debris.
We got a lot of clean-up done that I haven't mentioned. It was a productive Saturday. Then came Mother's day and I woke up to this..............

LL gave me this fushia tree I had been eyeing at the nursery. I also got a spa gift certificate from my son, K. B. gave me a cute top with a camosole to go with it, and M. gave me the cutest card.
We went to lunch at my mother's house where most of my siblings and some of my nieces were. I took pictures of them all but I am just going to post one picture of the strongest and probably the smartest 79 year old mother around....................
My Mother, Evelyn. Happy Mothers Day Mom!

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Vintage Sassy said...

Oh I can remember when my last one graduated, you work so hard getting everything to look wonderful! It's a lot of work for sure.