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Monday, May 10, 2010


I know that their "just" chickens and anything considered "livestock" a person should never get attached to. But that is not who I am and my ladies have unique personalities just like any other animal. So today, when I went for lunch, I first gave the ladies some kitchen scraps. Heloise was always the most enthusiastic about treats. I went in to eat my lunch, came back out to work some more and Rufus, who is the sweetest Lab/Shepard dog. He's my son's Max's dog. He had killed Heloise.

The normally mild mannered Rufus.

Heloise on Saturday enjoying her daily scratch.
Heloise on Sunday basking in the sun.
We will have to watch Rufus much closer and totally enclose the outside run. I need to remember that I have the ladies for fresh eggs and manure and not get so attached to them because this happen often to chickens. Well that will be the day, when I don't get attached to an animal.
Tried to think of the saddest song to go with this post. Anyone my age or older remembers this old Corny song called Shannon. Yes, I am that sentimental.


Leanne said...

Oh dear I bet Rufus feels bad - I am sure he really was only playing.

We know all our animals too.


Love Leanne

Anonymous said...

So sorry, Konnie! I couldn't not get attached, either. I'm kind of surprised the dog did that, though. I guess we have to remember they're animals.

dreamer said...

Sorry about your chickie, it was my favourite from your pics on the blog.They are such characters you can't help getting attached to them.