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Friday, May 21, 2010

Encourage Me or Talk Me Down

OK, first off as my defense, I am not normally a shopper. As anyone who knows me in real life, I hate department stores, I don't go to the malls, I hate trying on clothes, I really hate trying on shoes, I am Not a shopper. But there is something seriously wrong with me when it comes to my love of containers. I look at the bento web sites and my heart starts to pudder.

So I need your help. My LL, if you are reading this, now is the time you might want to log off. Might make you nervous.

So I either need you to encourage me to really splurge on a unnecessary purchase and buy the following, (which will make me very happy) or I need you to talk me down, (which will make LL very, very, happy).

Here are the accessories for making bentos that I want. With the exception of one item. They are all only between $2.50 and 3.50.

Rice mold

Silicone cups that are reusable

Cut outs to shape cheese and nori. Look, it even has musical notes!

Egg molds. I love the fish one.

Punchers to make faces. I know you can buy punchers at craft stores but I haven't been able to fine face ones. This is the one item that is a little spendy

Vegetable shapers. This is a for sure purchase because cookie cutters do not cut into carrots and cucumbers well and are usually too big.

And now is my real dilemma

This first bento is exactly what I was looking for. It is authentic, two tiered, large enough to hold LL's lunch if I decide to use it for that purpose and it can be put in microwave and dishwasher. It is wonderful.

But then I saw it. It's beauty called to me. "Look at me closer" I started imagining me packing my lunch for outings that I never go out on. I imagined sitting in the cafeteria with my imaginary coworkers looking on with envy. Saying "my what a beautiful lunch you have there". I imagined packing a nice snack in it for my romantic picnics in the meadow that LL and I have never and will never go on. I WANT this bento.

It is not microwavable, it is too small and feminine for LL to use, and yet I am drooling over this and so want to click on the shopping cart button and purchase it.

So for any of you that comment every so often, and for the ones that say you read this blog but never comment or are followers, I need your input
Do I ...............
A. Buy the Large Bento and accessories?

B. Buy the Beautiful bento and accessories?

C. Buy both Bentos and forget the accessories?

D. Or Buy the whole shebang? Which comes to about $85.00.

There is only a couple of the beautiful Bentos left so I will need to make a decision soon. So I will check back this evening and hopefully some of you will have read and gave your input. Remember, Encourage me:) or talk me down:(


Kuusou said...

It's so hard to be practical when it comes to bento!

I would go with the beautiful box and a few of the accessories like the nori cutters and boiled eggs shapers. It's more fun to get a few things at a time and figure out what you like the most!

If it helps, here are a few suggestions:

You can use your larger cookie cutters lined with cling wrap to shape your onigiris - it works really well!

Also, if you have a craft store near you check out their cake decorating section for the fondant cutters - they are small and work perfectly on raw veggies. You can usually find inexpensive sets of the fondant cutters as well as individual cutters.

Silicon cups can be found at most of the dollar stores as well as the dollar section of Target if you have one of those.

I look forward to seeing what you choose!


Renee said...

I have two possible suggestions: Buy the one YOU want now and save up a little and buy the second one another time.

Or, if it's not going to mean the difference between a roof over your head and food in your mouth, buy it all! Live! You deserve it!

(Although, I will say this is probably more between you and LL than you and me, so I will defer to the two of you working it out.) :-)

Lynda said...

I agree with Renee... buy the one you want! And then when you and your LL go out for a drive, fishing, whatever... pack it up and enjoy. The main point is you don't waste money on all sorts of stuff others of us do, so what's a few bucks for something that fits you so well and brings you so much enjoyment? You, if anyone, deserves something that brings a big ole smile to your face. Also, you know deep down your LL wants you to be happy!

Anonymous said...

Well I say if you can swing it go for the gusto and get the whole shebang!!!If not then follow your gut and get the one you can't stop thinking about.

Manuela@TPOH said...

If making this purchase doesn't create a hardship then I say go for what you want. If it's the whole thing then do it or just the one your love the most.


LL said...

Lucy, you have some esplainin to do LL

KJ's Restart Button said...

UH OOH............the jig is up. Where's Ethel when I need her?