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Monday, May 3, 2010


Ok this is so not my fault. It's my niece Lisa's fault. Yes you! I know your reading this. Anyway, it all started (those words are a sign I don't come out looking too good in this story) It all started when I was visiting my niece Lisa yesterday. She reads my blog and knows of my container love and asks me if I've seen the bentos at Target. Well my tail started wagging and I said I didn't know target had bentos. She said yes, by the grocery area.

So as soon as I could determine if my "digestion" would cooperate this morning, I got in my car with the intention of going to see my sister, go to Albertsons to get their sale items before they go off sale, and go to Target just to see what they had:) So I went to Target first because my priorities are that screwed up. And low and behold what do I find there. These 4 containers that stack up and are clamped together. Lisa failed to tell me they came in two sets of colors. What to do? What to do? Well what do you think I did? And you would be wrong. I did not buy both. I bought the blue and green set and said a long drawn out goodbye to the red and orange set.

Well about the time I decided on which one I started feeling funny. The funny feeling I get when my "digestion" kicks in. So I realized I would not make it to my sisters or Albertsons. So I grabbed a gallon of milk, my blue and green container, went through the checkout and got in my car just in time:(

So this is what I got. Mine is blue and green though.

Now I know what your thinking. This is her reward for making it 30 days without TV so either she has gotten her reward early or she needs to take it back. Well you are sooooooo wrong. You don't even know. This is not an authentic bento. It may look like a bento. But it is not from Japan. It may act like a bento. But Target calls it a Tiffin Box. So it is official. I still get my reward of ordering a bento from japan after 30 days. Don't give me any flack. In my simple mind I have this all justified and that's good enough for me. Oh by the way Lisa.............Thanks, your aunt loves ya.

Just to prove it to you, I will again show you a bento

Totally different, right. RIGHT!!


Vintage Sassy said...

OOhhhhh that is so cute, I have not seen those at Target and I'm there practically every day...LOL!

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Laughed my a** off... I love your way of thinking.... FYI-I have no plans for Sat. morning if you want to go see Kathy with me.. Karen

Leanne said...

I need two of those.
I've just googled & can't fin them in NZ

Tell me do they hold hot food too?
I pack lunches around hre and they look soo usefeul

Love Leanne

KJ's Restart Button said...

Leanne, they are not microwavable, but are dishwasher safe. There in summer dishware but since you are probably done with summer, you might not have them.

Lisa Miller said...

I am SO glad you got one!!! :) and I think you deserve an authentic Bento also.... I should ask Eri to have her mom send one. Then it would be EXTRA authentic, as it would be a GIFT from Japan. and everyone knows that presents are cooler than buying things for yourself, plus, if its a gift, you can still buy your OWN as a reward, and then you will have TWO authentic Bentos!!! (can you tell I too, am a youngest child?) And while I know that you appreciate my little tip, and love me for it... I apologize to uncle Allen if he ever has to carry that to work! ;) Love you too!