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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Weekend My Camera Broke

Well the weekend started off great. LL got home around 3:00 on friday afternoon. We were in the boat on the lake by 3:20. Caught my first fish by 3:25. We fished for an hour and half. Ran out of worms. They were not biting on anything else. Then came home. We got out of the car and I told LL to hold up the 10 fish we caught and I took this picture. He said "let me take one of you" I handed him the camera and it dropped on the cement. @$!&ing !@#*&.
Well with some jimmying of the focus lens, LL got it to take some halfway decent pictures. So the next day after I spent most of it baking, we went to one of B.'s classmates house and took pictures of all the kids in formals.
Here is one of B and her boyfriend.
Isn't she lovely. He doesn't look bad too. Well after the prom dance some of the kids came here and spent the night watching movies. They left mid-morning on Sunday. LL and I went and watched my mother bowl awhile. Went to put flowers on my father-in-law grave. It will be 36 years tomorrow he will be gone. I never met him and sure would have like to. Visited with my brother-in-law and his family. I had a lot of "digestion" issues over the weekend and especially Sunday evening so I wont describe the rest of Sunday:(
This morning I made LL's bento lunch. Took one decent picture of it and then the beloved trusty camera's focus stopped working all together. May it rest in peace. So I will post this morning's bento at some point but that is it for pictures on this blog for a while:( Oh well, a photographer I was not anyway. Have a good day.

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