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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No TV-Day 11, 12 and 13

Not watching TV is a very different existence for me. During the day, my house is quiet unless I put music on. I putt around the house with less distractions. It is a very peaceful environment. While in the house, I can hear if it is raining, my wind chimes clinking, the neighbors calling their dogs. I have found myself going in and out doing a few things outside and then coming in to work for a while. Usually, with TV as part of my life, I would go outside and feel I would have to get it all done at once so I could get back in at a certain time to watch that mindless show.
I guess what I am saying is the rhythm of my day has changed and I like it. I have had a rough time lately with my diet and digestion so being home more is definitely in my future. But I have no doubt I will make my 30 days. It is just a peaceful, quiet life during the day. The evenings and weekends are another story. I am either in the room reading while others are watching TV, or reading in my room where it is quiet. Sometimes I can get them to do something with me, but the weather has been iffy, so fishing, gardening and sitting outside visiting, has to wait. Boy I hope summer comes early.

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lifeissweet16 said...

Someday, I will do this. Maybe over the summer when my MUST SEE shows are on hiatus. I like to have it on while I'm cooking and cleaning as some background noise, but music would work for that just as well ...