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Monday, June 28, 2010

Planning To Make No Plans

Well it is a beautiful Monday morning here in Silverton, Oregon. I woke up around 4:45am to birds starting their morning song. While I lie there I can count at least 6 different types of chirps. We have always had a lot of birds call our large lot home.

My mother gave me a bouquet of roses. This is one of my favorite variety.

By now you might of noticed I am a person who loves consistency. I love plans, goals and progress. My life feels best if I am living this type of rhythm. You might also have noticed that my body doesn't always cooperate with this pace of life. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might notice that I have a few health goals, lifestyle goals, spiritual goals and environmental goals. Somebody forgot to notify my body so that it would cooperate.

This is what I woke up to yesterday morning.

This surgery that I had ended up being a big one. The incision is longer that I ever had. A lot of scar tissue was cleaned up and a lot of intestines were cut out. Plans for camping and fishing this summer are put on hold. (if it happens at all). Luckily Bailey's graduation party happened but we normally have people over for the fourth of July and if I am to be the one to do most of the work, well that will have to be canceled.

The sun was so bright and beautiful.

I will not be doing the household shopping for a few weeks so I can suggest items but the buying smarter for less packaging will for the most part be put on hold.

A perfect morning

My transportation plans are out the door also. I will probably only be going to doctor appointments for the next few weeks. I can't walk far and probably won't be able to bike ride for quite a while also.

My first visit to my ladies Sunday morning

My plans for staggering plantings and doing large amounts of canning and preserving are also set aside. I will still do more this year than last year because of having chemo last year. But my thoughts of really filling up the pantry with my homegrown produce was just a nice dream.

Did you miss me girls? I missed you!

So I guess the best plans for me to make is the plan not to make plans. I think of the gospel song One Day at a Time, but I don't think it was meant like I am having to live. Today, (Monday) I was blessed with a chorus of birds singing outside my window. A husband who takes the time to make coffee, visits with me and helps me outside to visit my ladies before he even takes off to go to work. I have a lovely home and yard to rest and recover at.

Need to check on my garden

Sometimes I wonder if God is thinking "man, what a greedy girl this Konnie is" I so often complain about my plans having to change and what I can't do and places I can't go. But I do recognize Gods gifts, even if I don't thank Him enough.

LL brought some raspberries in from our garden

So I do thank God for the gifts He has given all around me. And I do ask for continued healing. I would like to take less pain medicine and increase activity this week. That's it for my plans. Hopefully I will start posting regularly again. Have a great day.

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