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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Apples and Dogs

I got most the apples taken care of yesterday.  Made two batches of applesauce and two batches of apple juice.  Stopped half way through to go to lunch with Kris and Mom.  So before I could finish up.  Well my digestion took over.  So kitchen clean up needs to be done this morning.
LL always thinks Rufus is the perfect gentleman.  But while Beau was under my feet all day, as soon as Max brings Rufus over, and Rufus looks around to make sure LL is gone.  Up on the couch he goes.  He is cute when someone comes through the door, he lifts his head to make sure it is not LL, then resumes his nap.  When he does hear LL's car go up the driveway, down Rufus goes and by the time LL is in the door, Rufus looks like the good obedient dog LL thinks he is.

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