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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So I got a few things done yesterday.  I ended up working on LL's and my bedroom.  Even washed the french doors.  I "forget" most the time.  I vaguely remembering when reciting my wedding vow, I mumbled that "I don't do windows".  LL might not have heard it, but I am sure I said it all the same:)

Baked two loaves of bread

And made a cobbler out of the peaches that were still good.  Must admit, my Ladies got a good snack with the peaches that were already too far gone.  But must admit that the peaches that were left were really ripe and juicy.  So sweet, that little sugar was needed.  Ok, not needed, but the Purdy girl in me still put plenty of sugar in it.  Don't worry, I cut the sweetness by adding ice cream and whipped cream to it.  No one could accuse me of being excessive:)

Today I need to bite the bullet and take care of the apples.  Applesauce and apple juice is the task at hand.  Don't mind doing it.  I hate the sticky mess left in the kitchen though.  I am a lazy girl, aren't I?  Don't answer that!

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Anonymous said...

Well done! I tend to put windows off until we almost can't see out of them lol!