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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What To Do.........What To Do?

Have you ever had a lot to do and don't know where to start.  Here it is, almost 11:00 AM and I am dealing with this dilemma by not doing anything.  It is raining here in Silverton Oregon, and I could be content just sitting here, on computer and not doing anything else.  Here is what I need to do this week...........

1.  My uncle gave me a whole bunch of apples that are waiting to be made into applesauce and juice and put into the freezer.  This would take up most of a day and be left with a sticky messy kitchen.  I will put this off until tomorrow, maybe.

2.  The motor home smells like campfire, bedding needs to be washed and put back on, and a good wash for the cupboards and floor to get rid of smell.  I will put this off until Thursday, maybe.

3.  Clothes from the weekend for LL, Max and I needs to be washed.  Even things that didn't get worn because it all smells like campfire.  This definitely needs to be done today:(

4.  My bedroom has not been picked up and cleaned for weeks.  It is a disaster.  To do well might take a few hours.  Maybe today?  Maybe.

5.  I need to back bread and have peaches that will go bad if I don't do something with them today.  Definitely needs to be done today.  Maybe.

6.  I need to get to library, drugstore and grocery store today.  Maybe.

I need to get up and do SOMETHING............anything.  Can't get started though.  I have more on my list like, Laundry folded and put away, Laundry room is dirty and a mess, bathrooms need a good scrub.  Chickens nests need to be cleaned out and fresh bedding put in. 

OK Konnie, click publish and start moving.  See ya later:(


Leanne said...

it always seems easier to do things when the sun is shining I find.
Grab a book & a cuppa

Love Leanne

Konnie said...

Nope, got a lot done already. It helps to post about it and shame me into it.