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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We're Back..........

The Oregon Coast weather couldn't have been better for a Labor Day weekend.  Sunny most the time occasional clouds and a slight drizzle for an hour one morning.  Lovely!  Where we stayed is Devils State Park.  Our first night our campsite was easily the worse site in the park.  Small, no place to really sit outside.  I didn't get the reservation until three weeks before Labor Day so we were not surprised.  But the next morning, LL and I went for a walk and saw a couple sights open, so after checking with the office, we moved to a much better spot.

Devil's Lake
The state park is right between the ocean and Devil's Lake.

Friday night, LL and Max went to the amphitheater to watch old cartoons.  Max loved it!  I would have liked to go but my "digestion" made it impossible.  I am happy to say my that is the only time over the weekend that I had problems.
 Mom and Karen came over on Saturday Morning.  We dropped LL and Mom at the Casino and Karen, Max and I went antiquing.  Karen found an old cookie jar she got a great deal on.  I also got a cookie jar, but mine was not very old.We came back to camp sight for cocktail hour.  After that, Mom and Karen took off to meet Bud, Bertie and Skippy at another Casino.  If you don't speak Konnie, that would be Steve, Kris and David.  I was a little disappointed that the didn't stay overnight with us but when a casino is calling mom..........well you know where she will go.

That night, I made a nice dinner.  We had Steak, bake potato, and green salad.  I love that you can cook just as well in a motor home as at home, and save money by avoiding the restaurants.Here is Max, as we were packing up on Sunday.  I would have like to stay another day.  But we did beat the traffic home and spent Monday morning doing chores, then took Bailey and Max to lunch.  Late afternoon, we went to Mom's for Peach drinks, Sandwiches, chicken wings, and upside down cake.  All my siblings were there and this was a great way to end the holiday weekend, and really also to end a great summer.

BTW, this is the first Labor Day weekend in 20 years, that I didn't have to get a child ready for going back to school.  Kinda bittersweet.


Leanne said...

I'm soo emerald green over your camper - I really really want one!

Konnie said...

I feel very blessed. It is something for me to look forward to when I am homebound during the week.