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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missing LL Already and He's Still Home

I made it to Kanes show Friday night.  It was so fun seeing these old friends play like they use to.
Sean, Kane and Freddie

My niece, Kara went with us.  Afterwards, Kane met us at Applebees and we had a late night snack of appetisers.

Saturday, Bailey worked in the morning, LL worked outside cleaning up the yard, and I worked in the house cleaning and doing laundry.  By 1:30 Bailey was home, and LL and my work was done, so we went to Salem, bought materials at Lowes, looked at a painting I am considering buying at World Market, then back to home.  LL used the materials to build shelves to organize the garage and extend the chicken run.  Love Saturdays when they are productive.

Today, Bailey is going to the Roloff farm.  They are the family in the show, Little People, Big World.  I am baking a weeks worth of cookies for LL and the 3 men he is traveling with this week.  For work, LL needs to  go to many facilities around the state.  So he leaves early tomorrow morning, and gets back Friday evening.  With the exception of Spain, we have not been away from each other that long.  Even when I was in the hospital, I would see him everyday and at times, he would stay the night at the hospital.  So I will be alone more than usual this week.  I do have lunch planned with a friend on Monday.  And since I do not need to cook, am planning on doing some projects like sewing, knitting and organizing some cupboards.

So there is the rundown of the weekend and week.  Have a blessed Sunday.

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