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Friday, October 15, 2010


10 years ago, when Kane was only 14, he got together with a couple school mates and formed a band.  After a short while they were in a talent contest and got noticed.  They were soon booked at venues in Salem and Portland.  They even at that young age were playing in bars.  What were WE thinking.  Actually, they always had  us parents with them and when not performing, had to wait outside.

After a couple years they broke up.  One of them had a girlfriend Kane nick-named Yoko.  Get the picture.  Anyway, Kane has consistently been in a band since, and is normally playing guitar.  In Nameless, he played the drums.  So for one night only, they decided to get together to put on a show.  They were so good together back then and now they are all even better musicians.
This is the flier for the show.  Top picture was them ten years ago, and bottom picture now.

This is Kane at a show with a different band. 

I am so looking forward to this show tonight.  They are probably the last band going on so it will be a late night.  I haven't figured out my eating yet.  Maybe a light lunch and hopefully if that triggers things, I will be done before going to the show.

I haven't blog much about Kane compared to Bailey and Max.  I guess because he is a grown man, living his life and I don't see him on a daily basis.  But I am proud of him.  He works full time as a truck driver, lives in his own place and plays most weekends with his band.  He moved back home for a little while last year when I was going through Chemo, to help out with Max.  He is a gem.

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