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Monday, November 8, 2010

Santa's "BABY"

I spent the evening fiddling with Baby.  Yes, I almost always give my favorite objects names, like the RV Marlin.  Well, as I posted in the previous post, I have a new camera I have been dreaming about for a while.  It's name is now Baby.  I really don't know what I am doing yet, but decided to play around with it anyway.  I took pictures of LL, Rett, Max and Bailey.  But the only way I could get some of them to let me take pictures is if I promised to erase the photos.  I made no such promise to Max or Beau.  Even if I did, they are very forgiving lads.  So for my first pictures with my new camera for my blog, it is fitting that it is of two of my favorite guys.  My Beau and my Max.


Lisa said...

First how exciting!! A new camera!!!! I have a friend that is an AMAZING photographer in North Carolina, but loves Oregon and she is thinking of coming a doing a workshop here in Oregon for people who want to learn more about their dslr cameras.. She is amazing, and I know you would love her class!! Just a thought! Anyway.. the other thing I love about this post is the photo of Max...His T-Shirt is AWESOME!!!

Konnie said...

Yes I would definitely be wanting to take her class. Bailey bought this shirt for Max when she was in disney land last January. Keep me updated on your friend.

lisa miller said...

I think the class was going to be about everything from setting up a photo shoot to editing photos, so pretty much all encompassing, which is pretty sweet... :) I will keep you posted!! her name is ginny corbett.