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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Santa's Come Early

There are three expensive things that I have been wanting for a long time.  A scooter that I can drive around town and take behind the motor home, a recumbent trike that I can ride to Mt. Angel and all around which would be a good exercise for me, and a professional quality but user friendly camera that I can learn and grow with.  Well a girl can dream for all three but in reality, we needed to decide on just one.  I have always wanted to get into photography.  My Dad was an artist and many of my family are very artistic.  I do not possess the talent of drawing, painting, decorating, but I believe I do have an eye for what makes a great picture, and I am a person who likes to research and learn.  So photography seems a natural fit for me.  I have been researching cameras for about a year now.  Decided on which brand and model and have been watching Craig's lists and sales.   And here is my new baby.
A Nikon D3000!!

We ended up buying new at a camera store.  Buying used was not of good value because these camera's and lens do not depreciate enough to make up for the lack of warranty and when buying at this particular store, you get a photography class thrown in!!

It also helps that at this store, the man who sold it to me is a professional photographer who I will be able to pick his brain.  I took these pictures of course with my crummy point and shoot.  I also, with my old camera, took lots of pictures over the weekend at the Oregon Gardens.  I am looking forward to learning to use this new camera and taking similar landscape at the Gardens to compare. 

What is also great about all this, is that my LL, who is my biggest fan is so happy for me.  He was almost as excited as I was when we got the camera.  And he is planning on taking the class with me.  I am a very blessed girl.  Thank you Santa!!

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Cottage Tails said...

ooooh you are a lucky girl.

I'm emerald green. Looking forward to seeing all the new photos.

Love Leanne