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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who Knew?!

Cancel out my last post.  Little except for the laundry will get done.  Why?  Because I am Evelyn's daughter!!  I had no clue that today would be the most beautiful November day I can remember. 
It is warm!!

It is sunny!!!

And things I can do.

And I am not going to waste the day on inside chores. (my mom understands)
I have much I want to do, but first priority is always on live things.  In this case, My Ladies.
So I go looking for the Wheal barrow.  For those that don't know my place, it might sound easy.  But we have 3 lots on our place, and where LL has left it could be any one's guess.

HERE IT IS!!!!  At Max's House. 

Filled it up.  Why?.........Because the chicken coop is muddy and the girls love the bugs in the leaves.

Don't look at the Halloween pumpkin.  Thought the girls would like it.  But they are not impressed

Dumped the leaves and boy are they Happy.  "It's Christmas, It's Christmas"  I imagine them saying.
I know!  But you try living in my mind:)

They are so much better house keepers than I am.  In no time, they had the leaves spread out and went to town on eating the bugs.  So love the little ladies:)

1 comment:

angela said...

Happy chickens!
Go outside while you still can, housework will wait for you. No one else will do it for you. lol.
And yeah, I can get back on your blog.