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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"I'm So Excited!"

What a dork I am.  Being home bound in my involuntary hermitage obviously is affecting, effecting?? my filter.  Because of my horrible last two days, the blessing afterwards is a day of knowing there is relief.  My sister last night called and said she was going to Salem today if I wanted to go too.  I wasn't sure how my "digestion" would be the next day, so I said maybe.  Well I knew the fallout from the weekend was finally over by this morning and thought, if I didn't eat breakfast, I would be "normal" for a few hours.........and I was.

Kris, Mom and I went first to Target.  I got the practical gifts for the kids.  You know, the socks and underwear.  We stopped at another store where I bought my brother's gift for Max to give him.  Then we went to Costco.  I have been needing to do a Costco run for weeks.  We have been needing the earth friendly laundry soap, toilet paper, Depends undergarments (I call them diapers)  cottonelle wipes, etc.  I have been getting small amounts of these items at other stores and paying far too much I might add.  I also picked up a Kitchen aid dish strainer that I had a $5 coupon off.  It's Red!  Afterwards, we stop to have lunch at McGraths and I made a good choice for lunch that hopefully would not hurt my "digestion".  So I was feeling good.  Lunch was nice and I always enjoy spending time with Kris and Mom.  So we head for home.  As we drive into my driveway  I announce "Oh I am so excited".  Kris asks "About what?"  Did I say that out loud?  How embarrassing!   Uhhh........."about the stuff I got"  I say.  Well I can imagine the look Kris gave Mom.

Have I lost all sense of normalcy?  A trip to Costco is becoming an event.  I did feel a little vindicated when Kris used my bathroom and there was no tissue or wipes to be had and I had to throw her a roll from our Costco run.  Sorry Kris.  I am sure people assume you use the bathroom:)  See!  I have no filter.

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