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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year's Day! 

What a year it has been.  Looking back and keep in mind that I have a memory problem, I find myself reflecting on all that had happened and what I could have done better, what I did well, and most important, what I have learned.

January, I had a surgery I was looking forward to.  My ostomy reversal.  February, I started this blog.  March, April, and May, I concentrated on my goal of becoming more environmentally responsible, break my t.v. addiction, and dealing with very bad abdominal pain.  June was Bailey's graduation and my unexpected surgery to remove a lot of my small intestines so I would stop having obstructions.  So my garden suffered because I spent the summer recuperating.  July, we bought Marlin our RV.  August was a lot of small trips.  September was the month of celebrating my Mom's 80th birthday.  October, LL and I celebrated our 26th anniversary.  November and December.......the holidays. 

There is so much about my year I could of done better.  I could of worked harder to get in better shape.  I certainly could of concentrated on being a more positive light in other's life.  I definitely could of formed a more rounded life here at home where I am grounded most of my days.  What I did well is my improvement on living greener and look forward to making more progress this year.  I am doing pretty good at keeping my seasonal depression at bay.  What I have learned about myself is my likes and dislikes, what I am good at and what I need to work on, and what is important and what to let go of.

So I welcome 2011.  I am thinking about my goals for the year.  Not resolutions.  When I make resolutions which tend to be short sighted, I never progress and follow through.  But I do like general goals for myself.  And I want whether small or large, for the goals to be meaningful.  So stay tuned for that. 

I want to thank all that read this simple little journal of my life.  My blog is an important part of me becoming a better me.  So stick with me and all my silliness.  Who knows where the year will take us.


dreamer said...

Happy New Year, look forward to reading more of your blog this coming year :)

Kayli said...

One day at a time, one foot in front of the other, we keep on moving forward through life. May this year bring you happiness & joy! Can't wait to meet you ;)