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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Walking Through Life

LL and I took a lovely walk yesterday morning.  We walked around town but also took the path along side the creek so I could take some pictures.
Been thinking a bit about the upcoming year and the goals I have for myself.  Resolution is the wrong word, but I think goal is not quite right either.  When I make goals and resolutions, never do they pan out. 

I guess I want to figure out my priorities for the year.  Like last year's priority of being greener.

Living with intention, I guess requires having somewhat of an idea of where your headed but being present in the moment.

So with living with intention and wanting to be fulling engaged in my life.  5 priorities come to mind.

1. My first and most important priority is growing further in my relationship with God. 
My life in every aspect goes better when I am walking close with God and appreciating his gifts and creation.  I really would like to attend church more regularly because I think fellowship for me is a cornerstone for spiritual growth.  But I am at the mercy of my body.  So I need to make sure I am feeding my spiritual life here at home first and attending church will be a bonus.  Which brings me to the next priority.

2.  Creating a fuller, more well rounded life here at home. 
I pray that I have further improvement in healing my digestive system, but I think I need to try to meet most of my needs with my worst days in mind, not my best.  Which means figuring out how to be more social on my bad days.  How to get things done like cooking, cleaning, gardening on days where I have a hard time getting 20 feet from the bathroom.  And I need to figure out how to enjoy my hobbies and interests like photography, new books, etc. while being stuck at home.  I have many ideas on how to make this all happen, but some will take time and other ideas will take a little money.  Also within this priority is how, when I am living the hermit lifestyle, can I bless someone in need.  Being of service to someone is a necessity on living a fuller and more spiritual life. 

3.  I want to learn and improve in my photography hobby.  I love it!  I am a person who feels I am never any good at anything, but I really do think I could be good at photography and I enjoy it so much.  So this is definitely a priority.

4. Of course these priorities are not in order because this one would be close to the top if they were.  My health.  Between my diet and activity, I could be doing much better and after my last two years, well the importance of living a healthy lifestyle is all the more critical.

5. Iproving on living more green, sustainable and earth friendly.  I made so much progress last year but I and we as a family could do much better.  So this is just going to continue to get my attention.  I can't imaging ever going back to not paying attention to how my choices impact the world so I am not going to let this go.  We will keep getting better at living responsible.

Well those are my priorities for the year.  And just like last year, my goal is improvement, not perfection:)

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