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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stupid Movie *sniff sniff*

OK, I make no secret of my love for animals.  I love birds, turtles, dogs, cats, and almost every other animal I come in contact with.  I even put up with the damn squirrels who terrorize my chickens and eat their feed.  But I don't put them on an equal level with humans.  If I had to save a stranger's life over my Beau's,  I would.  Don't tell Beau!  But afterwards I would never want to see the stranger again because I would forever hate them:(  With that said, I must admit, tales about animals will make me a blubbering idiot faster than anything.  I cry every time I hear the songs Shannon (about a dog) and Wildfire (about a horse).  What is worse than sentimental songs are movies about animals.  Marley, Old Yeller, to name a couple.  So this brings me to how I spent my Sunday afternoon.  I made soup and bread.  Took it over to Mom's where we ate lunch and watched a movie.
LL, Max and I went.  Kris, Karen and Mom watched the movie too.  Steve and David showed up later.  They were smart. 

Not because the movie was bad.  No.  I am not calling it stupid because it was not well done.  I am calling it stupid because by 2/3's of the way through, I am bawling like a five year old. 

The movie was Hachi: A Dog's Tale.  It starred Richard Gere and Joan Allen, so you know it was going to be good.  It was based on a true story that took place in the 1920's in Japan but the movie changed it to modern times in America.  It was about an Akita named Hachi. 
Richard Gere and Joan Allen were wonderful, but the star of the movie was the darn dog.  I know they probably used several dogs for the movie, but it doesn't matter.  You fall in love with the darn dog.  It was so adorable.  Luckily, I had my real life Hachi, Beau to hug through out the movie.  Max kept asking if I was OK.  "Yes damn it! I mean darn it! I'm Fine!!"  *sniff, sniff*  So OK!! I admit it.  I am a sentimental fool.

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katie said...

**sniff**sniff** try watching this movie when your loves have always been akitas... Oh how I love my licky larpy brutes! Keisha and Rogue Bears