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Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 1, 2011

My mom always says "Life is like a box of chocolates" and "Stupid is as stupid does".  No?  That was Sally Field?  Oh I always get those two mixed up.  But Sally was right.  Yet again, my stupidity amazes even me.  Yesterday, LL wanted taco soup.  I made it and yes I ate it.  My mom also made roast beef.  Yes I made a small sandwich with the meat and yes........I ate it.  When will I finally make the decision that my meat eating days are over.  Bad evening and night.  I am happy to report I think my misery is already over and hopefully never to be repeated. 

This week, life will get back to normal now that the holidays are over.  Normal relatively speaking.  The next couple days, I am going to tackle the chicken coop, go through some items and hopefully give most to Goodwill, eat healthy and experiment with my camera here at home and on my walks.  It is very cold here in Silverton.  About 26 degrees right now.  If and when it thaws a bit, I hope to go for a walk.  The sky is a beautiful blue and I don't want to waste the dry weather. 

Wednesday is the day I turn 48 yrs old.  Hopefully going to lunch with mom and my siblings. 

Besides going to lunch this week, I really am planning on being home, figuring out a few ways to enrich my hermit life and taking the time to read.  January seems to be a good time for me to plan my garden.  I want to make a lot of changes so that no matter what my health looks like over the summer, my garden will flourish and be successful.  So a trip to the library to check out some organic northwest gardening books will be a good idea.  The library is closed on Mondays so later in the week for that.

So be prepared for some boring household pictures KRIS. :)  She really likes to make fun of me. 

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Cate said...

Hope that you are feeling better now. Sorry to hear that meat upsets you - I love meat and would find that so frustrating!

Here's to a wonderful birthday and a fabulous year ahead for you!