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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flinging with Spring

The yearning for spring is a yearly ailment of mine.  I have not been quiet on this blog about my winter woes.  I must say, February, although still winter, holds so much hope for what is to come.  I love spring and summer and watch for signs like a mother watches out the window for a long lost child.  I must say the day held much hope for the days to come.
My girls have their new feathers on and Harriet here is already providing her daily egg for me.  She is always so considerate.

My daffodils are pushing up, despite being covered with old dead leaves that we forgot to pick up.

My tulips look to be right on time also.

A couple weeks ago, I scoped out a shot I wanted to capture on the next clear day.  So on my way to mom's house, I pulled the car over, got out and did my best to get Mt. Hood and the farm in one shot. 

I noticed a break in the fence.  Lucky me, so I schlepped through the ditch and mud.

The hill behind the farm is the Abbey hill, the Monastery where I like to go and take pictures.

I did a bit a grocery shopping before going to Mom's.  Kris was there and we had lunch with mom.  That pretty much ended my day.:(  "Issues" you know.  But later I did get my cookies baked.
Bailey wants to help frost them.  Then I hope to wrap them up and give them to neighbors.  That is if we don't eat them first.

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