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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I love lucy

"I love sushi"
"Well I love Lucy"
"Who doesn't?  She's hilarious!"
Quote is from the movie Blast from the Past.

I do though.  I love Lucy.  Lucy Ricardo is probably my favorite TV character of all time.  That is saying something, because I also really love Ruth Ann from Northern Exposure and Hawk Eye from M.A.S.H..
So last weekend I recorded hours and hours of I love Lucy episodes to watch in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.  So guess what.  I'm am right now, 3:00 in the morning about to watch Lucy.  Now if I thought I had a prayer in the world of going back to sleep, the last thing I would do is put on a show that has me giggling as if I never seen the episode before.  But I know I am up for good.  You know.  Sometimes you can just tell.

My sister Kris and I both seem to channel Lucy and Ethel when we are together.  Which one is which?  Well I think we take turns.  And sometimes we are both Lucy at the same time.  This really irritates our other siblings at times.  But when it is just me on my own, well I can't even tell you how many times LL says to me "Lucy, you got some splaining to do".

There are so many "ideas" that get into my head over the years, it is hard to pick one or two.  One time years ago, LL and I argued for months about our living room floor in our previous home.  It had old dingy brown carpet in it.  We could tell there was hard wood floor underneath but had no idea what kind of shape it was in.  And because we had no money to replace the carpet, LL did not want to take the chance of ripping it up.  I did.  So one day, I literally watched LL drive out the driveway and I started removing furniture.  I knew I had to have the carpet pulled up and out the door, the staples pulled up out of the wood, the floor scrubbed, waxed and furniture back in before LL got home that evening.  Even now I do not know how I did it, but I know when he walked in the door that evening, I was sitting in the living room with the most self-satisfied look on my face.

I hesitate to even tell you this story because I come out looking like a ditsy blond.  But shortly after getting married.  LL walked into the house from work, and I was so excited I could not even stand it.  This is how the scene played out.

"Honey, Hurry up and come watch the news" I said.
"Why, what is happening?"  he said.
"Oh, This is so exciting, they have found a Rabbit Cat in Beverton." I exclaim.
"A Rabbit Cat?" He asks, confused.
"Yes, A Rabbit Cat!" I can not even contain myself.
"A RABBIT CAT?"  He asks even louder.
I am thinking *what is wrong with his hearing?*  "YES!  A rabbit cat!, do you think we can get one.  Oh I bet they are cute, I wonder if the hop and meow".
Well, it started dawning on him what he was in for, for the next 30 years.  He says in his most gentle voice possible because he knew it was going to be a let down for me.  "No Hun, not a rabbit cat."  Well by this time, I was indignant.  What is wrong with him.  Can't he see what a big deal this is finding a new species, a cross between a cat and a bunny.  And they found it so close to our home.  I said, practically yelling "Yes! A rabbit cat and I want one!" 
Well he let it play out right there for my humiliation.  Yes on the News they did have a story about such a cat.  A Rabid Cat.  A cat with Rabies.  Oh, I have made this type of assumptions time and time again in our marriage.

Now days, I think my husband thinks it might be a blessing that my health holds me back a bit.  Because I would have plans.  It would not matter that we live in the middle of town and it is against an ordinance, I so would have a goat out back that I could milk every morning.  I would be garage saleing every weekend, bringing home all sorts of items to "refurbish".  And along with my chickens that I do have, my two dogs, my imaginary goat, I would have a pot belly pig.  Yes I would.  After all, I have had two in the past.  Scarlet and Sofie.  Boy I could tell stories about me and the pigs, but I am saving those stories up for another blog post:)


Liz said...

Hi Konnie,
It's Liz from Frolics from Scratch- I wanted to say hi, and thank you for your comment on my blog, and apologize because I accidentally hit the delete button instead of the publish button on the comments moderation, so I can't get it back to post it on the blog! Whoops~! I'm so sorry, but thanks so much for reading, I love hearing from other Oregonians!

Lisa said...

Scarlet used to bite me when I would babysit... >:-/ boo. ;)

Anonymous said...

Konnie all I can say to this is YOU are one of a kind (well there are those days that you and Kris are 2 peas in a pod) and I soo Love you.....Karen

Anonymous said...

Konnie all I can say to this is YOU are one of a kind (well there are those days that you and Kris are 2 peas in a pod) and I soo Love you.....Karen