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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Looking Forward

I haven't quite figured out how to take nice pictures of food.  On other blogs, I see beautiful photos of dishes, but I have not figured out for myself what camera setting or background will get me that same effect.  But will that stop me from posting my pictures?..........No.
Yesterday, before Bailey went to class and work, we decorated the Valentine cookies.  I wanted to make a butter cream frosting for them.  I asked Kris how she makes her frosting, she told me, along with a warning, "don't add too much almond extract".  So what did I do?  I put too much almond extract in it.  I really am hopeless following instructions.  So instead of giving them to neighbors like I planned, (I do have my pride), I gave a little plate to each of my siblings.  I can do that because they don't expect any better from me:(

They are kind of pretty though.

I got a few things done early yesterday.  Including making a vegetarian pizza on a whole wheat crust.  Really trying to be careful with my diet.

Looks good doesn't it?  I also added chopped fresh basil at the end of baking.  It tasted great.  But low and behold, having bad "issues" this morning.  Too bad because I had planned to meet Kris early this morning to go to Mass.  Today is my mom and dad's anniversary and since my dad is gone and it is a hard day for mom, going to church would have been a nice thing.  Kris made it there without me though.

So I am sitting very still right now trying to stop things from getting worse.  But it is not getting my mood down.  No sirree.  Why?  Because I have something to look forward to.  Last summer, after we bought Marlin, even on bad days, I had weekends RVing to keep my mood up.  I haven't had those outings lately, but yesterday, Kris made reservations for the beach in Seaside.  She has a timeshare and we have stayed there before.  Those rooms, or really apartments are soo nice.  We are going in a little more than a week, and just having that up ahead in my life perks me up.  So I look forward to blogging a bit about Seaside in a while.  It is a very fun town to visit.  So for today, I will sit tight:) and look forward to a few days of a different scenery.

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